De følgende tre temaer afspejler centrale prioriteter for den strategiske ramme.

Sustainability and the green transition

Denmark aims to contribute to the accomplishment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which set the course for a more sustainable future by 2030. In particular, Denmark is a global leader for the green agenda, showing the way with ambitious national reduction goals as a pioneer of innovative green solutions. Even as a small country, Denmark can still make a big difference in the effort to create a green world. We aim to inspire and motivate other countries, raise global climate ambitions and promote global action. International cultural cooperation supports the development of a more sustainable world. In the development of Danish art and culture, too, an increased emphasis on sustainability raises the bar for formats and production, for example with regard to circularity and digitized distribution. Activities under this theme have the capacity to promote Denmark’s green exports, partnerships and diplomatic efforts through creative and innovative solutions to global challenges and inspire action the world over.

Technology and the democratic dialogue

Today, Denmark is one of the world’s most extensively digitized countries. Technology offers new ways to solve social problems, communicate, receive information and make decisions. Digitization can enhance the democratic conversation and promote fundamental Danish values. However, the use of new technology, data and algorithmic editing comes with its own challenges: Restrictions of freedom, digital surveillance, digital attacks, misinformation and increased polarization. In other words, technological progress can both promote and undermine democracy and basic rights, not just in Denmark but globally. International cultural cooperation aims to elevate, inspire and broaden the conversation about possibilities and challenges and support the diplomatic dialogue about democracy and Danish values.

Urban and rural areas

Like many other countries around the world, Denmark has a strong focus right now on creating the right balance and conditions for life in both urban and rural areas. This involves local social cohesion and dynamics as well as climate challenges and the need to create physical settings that promote our fundamental values. Architecture and design form the settings of our lives and shape the public spaces, communities and meeting places that bring people together. Cultural institutions and grassroots organizations become local identity markers and art and community venues. Culture and the arts can facilitate cross-border conversations, cooperation and the exchange of experience and practices. This can promote Denmark’s efforts to develop new solutions and models for greater social cohesion and support the export of Danish positions in the global debate about the balance between urban and rural areas.

Opdateret 16. March 2022