All listed buildings to be visited

During the years 2010 – 2015, the Danish Agency for Culture will conduct a systematic going through the listed buildings in Denmark. The aim is to gain more knowledge about the underlying architectural and cultural heritage values.  

All listings between 1918 and 1989 are included

A travelling team from the Agency will visit all buildings listed until 1990, in order to assess and describe their values of preservation. After 1990, the preservation values of every building were described in connection with the listing process.

The going through will improve our knowledge of listed buildings. This will make it easier for people understand why certain buildings are listed, and which values are inalienable and especially important to protect.  

First time since 1918

The listed buildings are an important part of our cultural heritage and history. It is the first time in the history of Danish legislation on listed buildings that a study of the preservation values takes place, which is so extensive and systematic.

The initiative is the result of an amendment to the Consolidated Act on Listed Buildings and Preservation of Buildings and Urban Environments which was made by the Danish Parliament in 2009.

Municipalities and museums play an active role

The project is undertaken by the Danish Agency for Culture in close collaboration with the municipalities and local museums. Thereby we form the basis of further co-operation in the future and a stronger focus on Danish building culture in the municipalities.


Opdateret 01. February 2019

Facts about Danish Buildings

More than 7,000 listed buildings and 400,000 buildings whose architectural and historical values have been evaluated are registered in a database. You can read more about relevant databases here: