The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces gives children high priority as a target group and works for supporting libraries as a place for learning and playing.

Public libraries are still one of the most widely used cultural institutions in the lives of children, and studies show that children use libraries frequently. If libraries could fulfil the need for children to play, learn, be together, have contact with adults and be a haven, they must clearly orient themselves to children’s culture, media habits and playing patterns. The agency works with consulting, development and promotion of knowledge, and supports child-oriented development projects at libraries.

Focus on the desire to read

In 2018-2019 the agency has focused strongly on how libraries can work on strengthening the desire of children and young adults to read books. Studies have shown that reading is important, gives children a larger vocabulary and strengthens their understanding of the world around them. In many ways, reading is the foundation for everyone’s lifelong learning and development.

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces supports development projects that focus on the desire to read. 

Opdateret 09. July 2019