About International Collaboration

The Agency for Culture and Palaces has the responsibility for a wide variety of assignments beholden to the Ministry of Culture.

The Agency for Culture and Palaces works for government and ministries

The Agency for Culture and Palaces works internationally on the basis of the government platform and strategies in this area, as well as inter-ministerial work groups and the actions plans and focus areas formulated thereby for international cultural exchange. A central component in the Agency for Culture and Palaces' handling of international tasks is the steering committee governed by a cooperation agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture on international cultural exchange.

Secretariat, development and communication of Danish culture

In addition, the Agency for Culture and Palaces undertakes secretariat tasks for councils and committees, including projects, studies, and development plans touching on Danish arts and culture and the promotion and development of Danish arts and culture internationally.

Opdateret 01. August 2023