There are hundreds of museums in Denmark – from the large national collections to small, private "one-man museums".

The state owns 5 museums, and 95 are approved to receive state subsidies. The Agency for Culture and Palaces does not run any museums itself, but makes grants to and supervises all state-subsidised (approved) museums and most of the state-owned museums. These museums are subject to the Danish Museum Act and must comply with a number of requirements as stated in the Act.

A state-subsidised museum can be owned by one or several local authorities or by an association whose objective is to run the museum, or it can be an independent institution. Museums can apply to the Agency for Culture and Palaces for approval for state subsidies. However, since Denmark already has a well-established network of museums, new museums are seldom approved. A private museum cannot be approved for state subsidies.

Three expert councils with representatives of museums and universities advise the Agency for Culture and Palaces. The council members are experts on cultural history, history of art and natural history, respectively.

Opdateret 30. January 2024