About slks.dk


If you would like to have the text read aloud, you need to download and install the free app at www.adgangforalle.dk. Your computer needs to have an audio card and speakers.


Texts on slks.dk can be quoted freely. Quoted material should include a clear reference to the source in accordance with the general right to quote.

If you wish to reuse full texts, you need to obtain the author’s permission. If the author’s name is not mentioned on the material, please contact the Agency for Culture and Palaces.

Videos may only be downloaded if the site provides a download button. You need to credit slks.dk if downloaded videos are made available to the public.

You are not allowed to copy photos from slks.dk; an exception from this is press photos, where the photographer’s name and the name of the agency is stated in the title of the photo.

You are not allowed to copy material in a digital format or to use the material for commercial purposes. You are allowed to make copies and prints for your personal use.

Opdateret 01. February 2019