International Activities

The Agency for Culture and Palaces is helping to create the best conditions for Danish art and culture internationally, and we are handling more than 140 different tasks that have international collaboration as a focal point.

Development projects and new markets
The Agency for Culture and Palaces provides focussed advice on international trends and prepares the ground for Danish culture in new markets. This occurs through, among other things, development projects in which we, together with Danish institutions, embassies, and professional foreign partners, foster increased visibility and marketing for Danish art and culture.  

Intergovernmental institutions
The Agency for Culture and Palaces acts on behalf of the Danish state in international contexts.  This is the case, for example, when we help to make sure that important Danish cultural sites are placed on the UNESCO world heritage list, which directs the international gaze as well as tourists toward Denmark.

Artistic and cultural visitation programmes
Each year, the Agency for Culture and Palaces is host to more than 100 cultural leaders, curators, and artists who want to work with Danish culture. At the Agency for Culture and Palaces, we make sure that, during their visit, they get the best introduction to Danish culture and meet the most relevant Danish institutions and artists.

Funding schemes
The Agency for Culture and Palaces administers a great many funding pools that are directed towards Danish institutions and Danish artists. These funding schemes help ensure, among other things, the formation of networks, projects, and specific collaborative projects between Danish and international partners.

Trade fairs, campaigns, and special events
All over the world, there are trendsetting trade fairs and biennales at which it is important for Danish art and culture to be represented.  This same is true of participation in official state visits abroad and priority governmental focus areas in the world in which Danish culture plays an important strategic role. The Agency for Culture and Palaces carries out projects for the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Danish Ministry of Culture. 

Opdateret 12. December 2019


The Unit for Architecture, Design and Crafts and International Affairs coordinates the international activitites of the Agency for Culture and Palaces. General enquiries and questions can be directed to