Buildings Worthy of Preservation

When a building is designated as "worthy of preservation", only its exterior is protected, whereas listing protects the entire building.

Both the Danish Agency for Culture and the local authorities may designate buildings to be worthy of preservation.

This opportunity is used in connection with local planning in order to protect buildings of major regional or local significance.

Most buildings are designated as worthy of protection on the basis of the SAVE (Survey of Architectural Values in the Environment) method. See link box to the right.

A building worthy of preservation may not be demolished, except by special permission of the relevant local authority. Approx. 300,000 buildings in Denmark have been assessed worthy of preservation. The rules concerning buildings worthy of preservation are administered by the local authorities.

Opdateret 01. February 2019

The SAVE Method

The SAVE method (Survey of Architectural Values in the Environment) is described in a publication.


Find the SAVE publication here.