The state-owned and state-subsidised museums must report their collections to two national registers maintained by the Heritage Agency. The registers are accessible via the Internet and hold information on the cultural heritage museums' collections of materials and objects, and the works held by the art museums.

The Museums' Collections

The register of the cultural heritage museums' collections was established in 2004 and holds information on approximately 2 mio. objects. The register provides a nationwide overview that makes it easier for the museums to coordinate and prioritise their investigations and collection of objects.

Art in Danish Museums

The central register of works of art in Danish museums and collections was founded in 1985 and went online in 1996. The register holds information on approximately 100,000 works by Danish and international artists. In addition, it provides access to a digital edition of Weilbach's Dictionary of Danish artists and international artists who have worked in Denmark.

Opdateret 01. February 2019