This page provides information about compensation schemes and other initiatives by the Ministry of Culture managed by the Agency for Culture and Palaces.

Compensation  and activity schemes

If you work in the area of culture and have been affected by the COVID-19 situation, you are welcome to apply for compensation from individual compensation schemes. You can read more about the COVID-19 schemes here (in Danish only)

If you have been granted support from a COVID-19 scheme, you are obligated to submit an account or a declaration. When you submit your accounts or declaration you must do so using specific forms. What form you must use, depends om how large a grant you have been awarded. You can find more information here (in Danish only)

Other initiatives

Information about additional changes and initiatives due to COVID-19 within our area of expertise is available at (In Danish only).

Useful links

General information from the Danish authorities about COVID-19 is available at (in Danish only).

To apply or to read more about the government’s general COVID-19 compensation schemes, go to virksomhedsguiden (in Danish only).

Opdateret 13. September 2021