The strategic framework

Strategic Framework 2022 for Cooperation Agreement Between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Denmark’s International Cultural Relations

The purpose of this strategic framework is to promote a coordinated, common direction for Denmark’s international cultural activities in accordance with current political priorities. The framework is scheduled for revision every two years.

Strategic priorities

The framework focuses on three key themes:

  • Sustainability and the green transition
  • Technology and the democratic dialogue
  • Rural and urban areas

These themes relate to core Danish values that international cultural activities must help manifest, develop and address in dialogue around the world. The art and culture scene is an active and important partner in the development of new solutions to global challenges, for example in relation to the green transition. Denmark has a strong position in this area and thus an excellent potential for increasing cultural exports. Art and culture can also help generate dialogue and initiate conversations about politically sensitive topics. Thus, the active involvement of art and culture has the potential to promote foreign policy priorities. Geographically, the main focus is on the United States of America, Asia, Near Europe and the Nordic region.

Opdateret 16. March 2022