Spot checks

If your subsidy has been selected for a spot check, you will receive an email about this after you have submitted your declaration. The spot check requires you to report with accounts and a report. The accounts and the report must explain the course of the project and how it lives up to the requirements that are stated in the grant notification letter.

Before starting to prepare your accounts

Have the budget that you submitted with the application ready. If you have had an adjusted budget approved at a later time, you must have it ready.

See whether there are special requirements for reporting in the grant notification letter. The accounts or report must state how these requirements have been met.

The accounts must be prepared using a template that you can obtain in the box to the right

The accounts must include the following:

Income and expenses, totals of both income and expenses, as well as the total results

  • Budget items from the application must be comparable to the items in the accounts
  • Clear date and signature


You must submit a report on how the subsidy was used together with the accounts. The report must explain the following:

  • Was the project carried out in accordance with the application and the purpose? The subsidy was granted to
  • Has the project fulfilled any special objectives that were stated in the grant notification letter?
  • Are there changes in the budget from the application or the latest approved budget?
  • Are there changes in the project that were not approved beforehand by the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces?

How to submit your accounts

Accounts and the report must be sent to the contact for the area for which you have received the subsidy.

After you have submitted your report

After you have submitted the report, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will then review what was sent, and you will hear from us no later than eight weeks after submission.

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ review of your accounts is to check whether:

  • The accounts are correct; that is, without significant errors and omissions
  • The subsidy prerequisites in the grant notification letter have been met
  • The subsidy has been used according to the objectives
  • The subsidy recipient has 'taken appropriate financial consideration'; that is, acted responsibly
  • The information that the subsidy recipient has submitted to the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces about fulfilment of the project's or activity's purpose and objects is documented.

Keep your receipts

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces may request further documentation on the project's financing within five years from the end of the year in which the project was completed. Therefore, you must save all of the accounting documentation; that is, attachments and receipts from the period of time in question.

Opdateret 19. January 2022

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