Museum surveys

As part of the educational plan for Danish museums, which is to contribute to improving the educational role of museums. The Danish Agency for Culture is conducting a number of different user surveys.

User Surveys at museums and cultural institutions in Denmark 

As something new, even in an international setting, the Danisch Agency for Culture's national user survey includes all of the national and government-approved museums in Denmark as well as other important cultural institutions, and it therefore provides a comprehensive and systematic insight into who use – or do not use – the museums. The user survey offers insight into whom use the museums, how they use them and the users' assessments of the museums.

The survey's objective is to provide museums with tools and knowledge to professionalise their dissemination and communication. The user survey contributes to a high quality discussion of the museums' dissemination based on facts rather than preconceived ideas, and it makes it possible for the museums to learn from each others' experience with a focus on results, follow-up and own objectives as regards the user composition. 

The survey provides the museums with a tool that will help them work strategically to target exhibitions, activities and events at the user groups who visit the museums. The results can also be used to launch initiatives aimed at new user groups. The national user survey makes it easier for the museums to compare themselves to each other and thus identify interesting differences and similarities. This may inspire the museums to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Web User Survey

The Danish Agency for Culture has completed a web user survey that supplements the national user survey of the museums' physical users at national and government-approved museums.    

The survey is to contribute to improving the quality of the national and government-approved museums' digital communication and dissemination on the Internet.  The survey identifies users and non-users of the museums' websites. The analysis includes users and non-users' demographic characteristics, their behaviour and needs as well as their views of the museums' websites and their incentive for and barriers against using the websites.  

Opdateret 01. February 2019

User Survey 2014

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