Finances of the Museums

The state-subsidised museums are primarily funded by local authorities. Many museums also receive grants from foundations.

Around 1/5 of the state-subsidised museums are owned by one or several local authorities, 3/4 are independent institutions, and less than 1/10 are owned by an association whose objective is to run the museum.

The state grants annual funding to the state-subsidised museums is equivalent to approx. 31% of the funding from local authorities and foundations. However, there is a cap on the state subsidies available to each museum.

Extra funding

20 state-subsidised museums receive extra funding from the state because they have special research and/or dissemination activities. Some of these museums also handle tasks at national level.

The Danish Agency for Culture administers various funds to which both state-owned and state-subsidised museums can apply annually for support for research projects, study trips, purchases, publication of books, etc.

Opdateret 01. February 2019

Free Access

Since 2006 it has been a statutory requirement that state-subsidised museums grant free access to children and teenagers under the age of 18.