Cultural Heritage

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces has the regulatory responsibility for sites and monuments and listed buildings. The Agency helps to secure important evidence from all ages and make it relevant to the people of Denmark. The Agency primarily works within the following areas:

Sites and monuments

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces holds the overall responsibility for the protection of ancient sites and monuments, and for the archaeological excavations undertaken by Danish museums. The Agency does not conduct archaeological investigations itself, but in collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark it is responsible for the restoration of megalithic tombs and Medieval ruins.

Historic buildings

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces is responsible for listing buildings of national significance and may also delist such buildings. The Agency must grant permission for any construction work on listed buildings, and offers advice and information on maintenance of buildings. It also contributes to funding the restoration of listed properties. The Agency itself owns a small number of listed buildings. Church buildings belonging to the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church are the responsibility of the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Municipality and planning

In collaboration with the Danish Ministry of the Environment, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces lays down overall guidelines for securing valuable cultural environments. The Agency also manages a number of projects aimed at encouraging the municipalities to safeguard heritage assets and regard cultural heritage as a resource that can be used proactively to promote settlement, commercial development and tourism.

Opdateret 01. February 2019