India 2022-2026

Denmark and India have signed an agreement on a cultural exchange programme. The agreement runs until 2026. It is intended to support the exchange of Danish and Indian culture and collaboration between Danish and Indian cultural institutions and artists. Visit programmes are intended to develop the cultural exchange agreement.

Visits to and from India by professional decision-makers from the cultural sector in Denmark and India will contribute to the fulfilment of projects covered by the exchange agreement.

In Denmark, the responsibility for the agreement is stated in the Collaboration Agreement Between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark on Denmark’s International Cultural Collaboration. The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces is the operator for the Collaboration Agreement, and together with the Danish Embassy in New Delhi and the Indian partners, makes agreements on concrete visits to and from India.

Exhibitions and activities in 2022 and 2023

The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Denmark have already visited India and have agreed on a greater focus in 2022 and 2023 on the following areas: Textiles, silver and music.
The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces will continually update the list of activities as they are agreed with the Indian authorities.

Inspiration from India’s strong textile artisanal traditions

For centuries, Denmark has been inspired by the strong Indian textile artisanal traditions. The Danish National Archives in Copenhagen includes swatches that were brought to Denmark from the very first trade relations between Denmark and India. And since then, craftspersons and designers have been inspired by India’s traditions. The cultural exchange agreement focuses on these strong ties between Denmark and India through three activities:

  • Exhibition
    From November 2022 to February 2023, a Danish textile exhibition will be held at National Handicraft and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi, which will include examples of how Danish textile artists and couturiers find inspiration in India’s strong artisanal traditions and culture. The curators of the exhibition are Mathias Menze and Alexander V. Ottenstei

    The exhibition is supported by National Handicraft and Handlooms Museum, India, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Ministry of Culture. 

Residency with master craftspersons
In October 2022, five Danish artists was selected to receive travel grants to support for a two-week stay at the beginning of 2023 with an Indian master craftsperson to learn a specifik technique. The five Danish artists, Indian masters and their technique are:

  • Katrine Hoff to stay with master Khatri Adil Mustak (Bandhani – Tie & Dye)
  • Anne Fabricius Møller to stay with master Khushiram Pandey (Hand Block Printing)
  • Begitte Lynge Andersen to stay with master Gaurav Choudhary (Hand Appliqué)
  • Anna Bruun Kristiansen to stay with master Radhe Shayam Meher (Ikat Weaving)
  • Sarah Brunnhuber to stay with Mahamaya Sikdar (Kantha Stitch Embroidery)

Residencies with master craftspersons are arranged and carried out in collaboration with the Indian organisation, All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association, (AIACA), India, and the Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen. Stays with master craftspersons are supported by AIACA, the Danish Arts Workshops, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

  • Workshops in Denmark
    In the autumn of 2023, the Danish Arts Workshops, Copenhagen, will hold a number of workshops together with Indian master craftspersons within the following Indian artisanal traditions: Hand Block Print, Hand Appliqué, Bandhani Tie and Dye, Kantha Stitch Embroidery, Ikat Weaving. Specific information about the time and place for workshops will be communicated by the Danish Art Workshops.  

    The workshops at the Danish Art Workshops will be supported by the Danish Art Workshops, the Danish Arts Foundation (TBC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Ministry of Culture. 

Exhibition - Silver traditions in Denmark and India

Museum Kolding and the National Museum, New Delhi, will collaborate on their silver collections. In March 2023, it is expected that Museum Kolding from March to June 2023, will exhibit parts of their silver collection at the National Museum in New Delhi. The exhibition is the first part of a number of activities, which will take place over the coming months.
The exhibition is supported by Museum Kolding, the National Museum in New Delhi, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 

Danish jazz in Indian school concerts

In 2023, collaboration will be launched between JazzDanmark [the national organisation for jazz in Denmark and Danish jazz abroad] and Indian Spic Macay, which has extensive experience and a good network for arranging school concerts within the area of jazz. In relation to the focus on school concerts for Danish jazz musicians, there will be masterclasses and collaboration with music conservatories during this period. Denmark expects to invite Indian musicians to, for example, Danish Summer Sessions [music camp for professional Danish jazz musicians].
The collaboration is supported by JazzDanmark, Indian Spic Macay, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Opdateret 17. November 2022


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Denmark - India 2022-2026

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