How to contact us

There are different ways to contact us depending on your inquiry.

1. Inquiries about user login

If you cannot find the relevant information on this page, then please email your question to

2. Inquiries about your applications or grants

Please login to the Grant Portal, and contact your caseworker through the contact button on the relevant case. You can use the contact button in the Grant Portal as soon as you have started applying for a grant.

To access the contact button after you have logged in, please go to ‘My applications’ and select the case you are enquiring about. Click the ‘Contact’ button where you will be able to detail your inquiry and attach any relevant documentation.


The appropriate caseworker at the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, which is also the secretariat for the Danish Arts Foundation, will then reply to your enquiry. You will receive a notification by email when we have answered.

3. Inquiries about a grant prior to applying

If your inquiry does not relate to one of your existing applications or grants, you can contact us using the contact button available on each grant page. We will then process your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

Opdateret 22. November 2023

Go to the Grant portal

- if you have created an application or have a grant case in the Grant portal that you want to access.
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