Listed Buildings

Historic buildings give both architectural and cultural insights into various periods in the history of Denmark. The best of these buildings are listed to ensure that they are changed as little as possible.

Listed buildings are not only grand castles and manors, but also farms, burghers' and merchants' houses, warehouses, villas, town halls, schools, swimming baths, jails, railway stations and factories. Even very small buildings such as telephone booths and pavilions can be listed.

All listed buildings are among the best or most characteristic of their type and period. They are also of national, or in some cases international, significance. In total there are approximately 9,000 listed buildings in Denmark. In addition, approx. 300,000 buildings have been assessed to be worthy of preservation.

The Danish Agency for Culture is responsible for the listed buildings, while the local authorities are responsible for the buildings worthy of preservation. Most of the listed and preserved buildings are privately owned.

Opdateret 10. March 2023