In the media area, the Agency for Culture and Palaces handles a wide range of tasks.

The Agency…

  • Act as consultants and advisers for the Minister for Culture on matters regarding the media
  • Acts as secretariat for three media boards:
    • The Danish Radio and Television Board, including representing the Board in international forums such as the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) and European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA)
    • The Media Board
    • The Allocation Committee of Magazines
    • Handles a number of management and supervisory tasks in the field of radio and TV, including:
      • administration of broadcasting licenses
      • administration of funding for local radio and TV production
      • dealing with complaints about radio and TV commercials
      • tenders for both radio and tv
      • guidance and handling of complaints on rules regarding unsubscription of tv-packages
      • guidance and handling of complaints regarding the must-carry rules
  • Administers the legislation on media subsidies for a number of print- and web-based media
    • administration of editorial production subsidies
    • administration of innovation subsidies
  • Administers the legislation on distribution subsidies for certain periodic magazines
  • Acts as the Danish information center regarding media

You can find further information on media in Denmark on the website of the Ministry of Culture Denmark:

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