In the media area, the Agency for Culture and Palaces handles a wide range of tasks.

The Agency…

  • Handles a number of management and supervisory tasks in the field of radio and TV, including:
    • administration of broadcasting licenses
    • administration of funding for local radio and TV production
    • dealing with complaints about radio and TV commercials
    • tenders for both radio and tv
    • guidance and handling of complaints on rules regarding unsubscription of tv-packages
    • guidance and handling of complaints regarding the must-carry rules
  • Administers the legislation on media subsidies for a number of print- and web-based media
    • administration of editorial production subsidies
    • administration of innovation subsidies
  • Administers the legislation on distribution subsidies for certain periodic magazines
  • Acts as the Danish information center regarding media

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Opdateret 03. January 2020