Performing arts: International activities

Grant of max. DKK 75.000 for international performing arts activities.

April 1 2022; October 3 2022.


Please note that the text has not been updated for the October deadline and changes may occur later.


One month before the deadline the text will be updated.


    03.10.2022, 2:00 PM

New Grant portal

You may apply to this fund through our Grant portal using a portal login.

Who may apply?

Professionals organising or working with performing arts activities.

Find out more about how to apply, if your project is cross disciplinary or in other ways combines different art forms.

Who may not apply?

  • The Royal Danish Theatre, the Danish regional theatres, the Jutland Opera, and the theatres in the Copenhagen theatre association may not apply cf. chapter 8, section 18(1) of the Danish Act on Performing Arts
  • Students at the Danish National School of Performing Arts or a similar foreign educational institution, if they have not graduated before the application deadline

You cannot receive funding for the following purposes

  • activities initiated ahead of the deadline
  • expenses related to new productions. Instead, please consider the funding program Performing Arts for Children, Young People, and Adults
  • educational purposes for individuals

Purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is to promote performing arts of high artistic quality in Denmark and Danish performing arts abroad. The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding has two annual deadlines for grants for international activities of up to DKK 75.000. These deadlines are for activities and projects that fall outside the two annual deadlines for Performing Arts for Children, Young People, and Adults.

If the international activities that you wish to apply for funding for are part of a larger project or of your organization’s overall seasonal activities, and/or if you intend to apply for more than DKK 75.000, we refer to the program ‘Performing Arts for Children, Young People, and Adults’, which has two annual deadlines in June and January.

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding seeks to develop and promote Danish performing arts through interaction with the international performing arts scene. We achieve this by supporting:

  • International guest performances and touring
  • Networking and research aimed at international collaborations and co-productions, including participation in workshops abroad as a speaker and the invitation of guests for performances in Denmark
  • International residencies

How your application will be evaluated?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding evaluates the incoming applications.

The Danish Arts Foundation has specified its visions and missions with the work of the foundation. (In Danish)

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding has a number of focus areas, for example, genre diversity and the international area. (In Danish)

When considering your application, the committee prioritises:

  • high artistic quality
  • content, form or presentation which is experimental, and which takes into account the current challenges that face the performing arts internationally. This also entails questions of sustainability
  • cooperation between different professionals/institutions, including co-productions aiming at challenging the limits of performing arts, reaching new audiences, and/or utilising the artistic/economic resources in the most sufficient way
  • activities that support the applicant’s general activities and artistic profile and aim directly at furthering the applicant's development in a national or international context
  • activities with a verified mutual interest regarding resources and interests, including cultural exchange for the purpose of future collaborations and network
  • distinct choices when it comes to selecting the artistic core group
  • distinct choices regarding relevance to the audience/recipients
  • activities where an exchange of experience with the Danish performing arts scene is taken into account

When evaluating artistic quality, the committee considers:

  • the presence of a strong and original artistic intention and practice
  • a clear artistic and/or social relevance
  • considerations about the interplay between method, form and content
  • the ability to transform content into a distinct artistic expression
  • the ability and commitment to explore new expressions within the performing arts
  • considerations regarding relevance to the audience/recipients

The committee encourages you to consider questions of sustainability in you project description. This could entail:

  • that guest performances/touring activities include several performances and additional related activities (e.g. networking, workshops / master classes, research)
  • that touring activities are planned regionally with several consecutive engagements in the same region and period
  • that you avoid regionally or nationally exclusive contracts
  • working with longer-term activities, including when networking
  • that, as far as possible, you consider whether introductory meetings and research can be conducted online
  • prioritizing environmentally sustainable modes of transport

The committee may decide to grant the application partially and/or award a smaller amount than applied for, based on an overall assessment of the application. The committee evaluates your application in consideration of all the other applications and the total amount available for funding while also aiming to spread the support for the arts.

If you receive a smaller amount than applied for, you will be notified in your grant notification letter if you need to submit further information, before we can pay out your grant.

If you have applied for grants from the Danish Arts Foundation within the past three years, this information will be considered in the evaluation of your application.

What must the application contain

You must submit your application using our Grant Portal. We do not accept paper forms.

The Grant portal requires that you log in using NemID (Denmark's common secure login on the Internet). As a foreign applicant, you must order a login unless you have the right to have a Danish NemID. Read more about the Grant Portal and order a login here.

We recommend you to use the browsers Chrome or Firefox when you fill in the application form.

The following information must be entered in the application form:

  • a short project description, including the primary idea and artistic vision (max 2400 characters). Please specify:  
    • if your target group is children and young people
    • your choice of genre: Street theatre/site specific, choreographic/physical theatre, contemporary circus, object/animation, performance, text-based, cross-disciplinary, or innovative.
  • links to relevant information about, for example, a festival, a residency, or partners. It is the applicant’s responsibility that the links are working
  • the date/period of the project’s period of expenses must be clearly stated

You must attach the following:

When filling in the project description, you must state the specific goals planned for your project. If we ask you to report on your project, we will evaluate whether you have fulfilled the goals stated in your application. These could be, for example:

  • Touring and/or guest performances: number of performances/shows, audience figures, number of related activities (workshops or other activities)
  • Networking and research: number of new relevant contacts, number of meetings with artists, institutions, organisations, or others
  • Residencies: number of new relevant contacts (key persons, institutions), number of shows (not mandatory), number of related activities (workshops, masterclasses, etc.).

If you apply for funding for the same project from other Danish Arts Foundation committees, you have to state this in your application.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The total size of the attached files may not exceed 15 MB
  • We accept the document formats PDF, Word, and Excel. We do not accept ZIP files
  • You are not able to edit an application once you have submitted it. If your application is incomplete, you must submit a new and complete application before the deadline
  • The committee will process the most recently submitted application
  • Your application must include all the required attachments in order to be processed by the committee
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your application has been filled in correctly and that all required attachments are included. Please check your email receipt for a list of the documents attached to your submitted application

How much you may apply for?

You may apply for a maximum of DKK 75.000 from this program.

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding evaluates the individual project’s demand for funding, and prioritises the following expenditures for different project types:

  • International guest performances in Denmark: accommodation and domestic transport costs
  • International touring activities: travel and transport costs
  • Networking activities: travel and accommodation costs up to DKK 15.000
  • International guests at Danish performances: up to DKK 2.000 per guest
  • Artist residencies lasting more than three weeks, in addition to travel and accommodation costs: per diem allowances and/or honorariums up to DKK 10.000 per month, given that the applicant does not receive operating funding


If you are a Danish citizen, organisation, or business and receive a grant, you must have a NemKonto available for the payment transfer. We transfer all grants to the NemKonto linked to the Danish CPR/CVR number you state in the application. If you, for example, apply with a new CVR number, you have to make sure that you have linked it to a NemKonto. You have to do this before a potential grant is awarded.

If you have moved out of Denmark according to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration’s definition, or if you are a foreign applicant, you are able to have a potential grant transferred to a foreign bank account. For applicants with foreign bank accounts, a completed bank information form must be attached, either the form for wire transfers to countries using IBAN or the form for wire transfers to countries NOT using IBAN.

If you receive a grant of DKK 100,000 or less, we pay the grant as closely as possible to the start date you have stated in your application. You should therefore make sure that the start date you enter matches the date of the first expenses for your project.

Tax has not been deducted from the payment, and we report the grant to the Danish Tax Agency.


You will receive the committee’s decision via the Grant Portal within 12 weeks after the application deadline.

Throughout those weeks, the committee will read and process all submitted applications. We will publish all awarded grants on our website (in Danish), once all applicants have received the committee’s decision.

The names of all applicants are made public on our website in the committees’ minutes (in Danish).

When you have submitted your application

When you have submitted your application, please download and keep your receipt. Remember to state your application number if you contact us.

It is your responsibility to check that all required documents are submitted, so please check your application thoroughly before the application deadline. 

Law basis

Decisions are made in accordance with section 3(1), cf. (2) and (3) of the Danish Act on the Danish Arts Foundation’s Activities (Act no. 458 of 8 May 2013) and chapter 8, section 18(1) of the Danish consolidating Act on Performing Arts.


When the Danish Arts Foundation awards grants, it is important, and not least legally required, that the money is used for the purpose you have described in your application. Therefore, you must report on your project to the Agency for Culture and Palaces. How you must report depends on the grant amount you have received. Read more about how to report on your project.

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Performing Arts Grant Funding processes the applications and makes the final decision concerning the distribution of the committee’s funds.