The main goal for the South Korea effort is to secure the awareness of Denmark in South Korea for years to come. That is why the focus of the cultural exchange will be children and youth. This focus will be balanced with a broad program that also focuses on the rich cultural heritage of both countries.

More and more South Koreans are visiting Denmark these years. That is why the effort will have a broad program, where there will be something for both young and old in different cultural areas. This will create a basis for greater understanding between Danes and South Koreans.

The interest surrounding Denmark among South Koreans should be utilized to create a better branding profile for Denmark. In the long term it should secure that the Danish cultural milieu have good relations in South Korea and the opportunity to develop.

This aim the Agency for Culture and Palaces wants to secure by creating strong partnerships between Danish and South Korean cultural institutions, with the intention of establishing long-term commitments.  

The effort will in this manner secure for the future a good and strong cooperation between South Korea and Denmark.


The year of culture 2019, is a mutual project between Denmark and South Korea, with cultural activities in both countries. The Agency for Culture and Palaces has the overall responsibility for the Danish part of the celebrations, working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish embassy in South Korea. The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Touris has the responsibility for the South Korean part of the celebrations. The Danish embassy in South Korea and the South Korean embassy in Denmark implement the individual projects.
HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and the world-renowned ballerina Ms. Kang Sue-jin from South Korea are patrons for the year of culture 2019.

The efforts strategy and projects will be developed in cooperation with the International Culture Panels other actors, including the Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Film institute, Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Centre and VisitDenmark.

The South Korean partners are, among others, museums, cultural institutions and artists.

The cultural effort is anchored in the International Culture Panel, which is a cross-ministry forum for cooperation for the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs along with several central institutions in the cultural sphere.


From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture’s agreements about Denmark’s international cultural exchange a grant totaling 1.5 million Danish kroner has been given to support the activities of the South Korea effort.

Additional funding to the individual projects comes from both Danish and South Korean partners; foundations, institutions, grants, local stakeholders and steering committee funds.

Opdateret 11. October 2019