The Agency for Culture and Palaces will use the Poland effort to solidify the strong cultural exchange between Denmark and Poland.

The aim of the Poland effort is to strengthen the international arts and cultural scene in Denmark and in Poland and support exchange between the two countries with outset in concrete projects.

The Agency for Culture and Palaces has a variety of projects connected to the effort in development. The different projects are categorized with outset four aims, unfolded under three categories: Enhancing intercultural dialogue, Branding Denmark as a country and Enhancing cultural export, as well as Development and renewal of Danish art and culture.


The Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw has the responsibility for operations on behalf of the ICP in coordination with the Danish Embassy in Warsaw. The Agency for Culture and Palaces has both an advisory function and heads the overall coordination of the effort in Poland.


The effort in Poland is funded under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture’s agreement on Denmark’s International cultural exchange.

Opdateret 15. October 2019