The focus for 2018–2020 will be on further enhancing the already strong cultural exchange programmes between Denmark and Germany. The idea is that both nations will play a part in this, and in doing so, they will also provide a boost to the European cultural scene. The overall themes for the International Cultural Panel’s work in Germany are to reinforce the historic artistic and cultural links between the two countries, not only in a Danish-German context but also on the wider European stage, and to expand artistic platforms and establish a stronger presence for Danish art and culture in the German Länder. These themes are designed to ensure that Danish arts and culture has the best possible launch pad for its continued development in Germany.

The partnership with Germany is broadly in line with the four objectives of the International Cultural Panel (development and renewal of Danish culture, marketing Denmark as a nation, promotion of cultural exports and intercultural dialogue), albeit with a particular focus on the development of Danish arts and culture, boosting cultural exports and promoting cultural tourism between the two countries.

In general, the programme is designed to contribute to and enhance relations with Germany – an important economic and political partner with a wide range of shared cultural values. With this in mind, the activities and events, as well as the overall administration of the project, will focus on co-operation, dialogue and reciprocity.


Germany 2018–2020 will be coordinated by the Agency for Palaces and Culture, in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Berlin and the Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels. The strategy and individual elements will be implemented in close collaboration with the ICP’s other stakeholders: Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Film Institute, Danish Architecture Centre, Danish Design Centre and VisitDenmark.

The German partners will consist of cultural institutions, exponents of culture and the Federal Foreign Office.

The ICP – an inter-ministerial forum involving the Danish ministries for culture, foreign affairs, industry, business and the economy, as well as other key cultural bodies in Denmark – is responsible for the programme.


Under the Collaboration Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture for International Cultural Exchange, DKK 3 million has been earmarked to support the project's strategic aims and the work of the various parties involved. Various Danish and German institutions, funding pools, local stakeholders and steering groups will also fund individual projects.

Opdateret 06. January 2020