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NCIP Implementation Guidelines: Collaboration between General User Interfaces being Brokers and Local Library Systems

danZIG-specification 06

Billede af publikationens forside This specification describes a specific implementation of the Direct Consortial Borrowing: Broker Application Manages Transaction Application Profile (DCB-3).

These guidelines are part of a series of specifications for technical interoperability between libraries and between libraries and partners called “danZIG specifications. The danZIG is a committee representing library system vendors, library technical interoperability consultants and national library services supplemented by libraries representatives put together by Danish Agency for Libraries and Media and chaired by the agency. The purpose of danZIG is to advise the governmental agency Danish Agency for Libraries and Media, which have the responsibility for the published specifications.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Scope
3. Conformance
4. Support
5. Services
6. References
7. Sample Messages

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