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2. Scope

This specification describes a specific implementation of the Direct Consortial Borrowing: Broker Application Manages Transaction Application Profile (DCB-3).

In this scenario a user interface (ex. web page with backend) takes the role of a broker between the end user and the local library system. In order to support a number of specific use cases in this scenario, various NCIP services have to be implemented.

Through the general user interface the end user will be able to:

  1. Get an overview of his or her requested and loaned items and fiscal account information from one or more local libraries
  2. Cancel his or her requests made through and/or one or more local libraries
  3. Renew items borrowed from one or more libraries (including items borrowed from other libraries, ILL)
  4. Request items owned by his or her own library
  5. User Authenticate when requesting e.g. through (described in previously published guidelines)
  6. Register borrower in a local library based on registration in another library


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