Russia effort 2018-2020

Arts and culture have always acted as an important meeting point for Denmark and Russia.

Russia and Denmark have long cooperated in the area of culture. The strong networks that are the result of this cooperation, make for a solid basis to continue expanding and consolidating the cultural exchange between Denmark and Russia.

Culture as a meeting place

Arts and culture provide opportunities to meet and better understand each other and to find a common language. When political dialogue runs is complicated, artistic and cultural exchange between countries is crucially important. It allows for constructive and insightful dialogue and reminds us what we have in common. The Russia programme builds on existing collaborations with Russia and seeks to enhance Denmark’s existing positive and open cultural dialogue with Russian partners and to promote Danish art and culture to a wider Russian audience.

A growing and broad cooperation

Russia and Denmark have a strong tradition of working together in a wide range of cultural and artistic fields, including children’s theatre, literature, classical and popular music, photography and museum exhibitions. In recent years, this has been extended to encompass virtually every art form, including experimental art, while the geographical focus has shifted beyond the great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. The strong networks that have emerged from this process constitute a solid foundation for continued progress in cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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Special Efforts

The projects of the Russia effort 2018-2020 focus on cementing and developing the cooperation between Danish and Russian artists and cultural institutions With the effort, the cultural dialogue, mutual knowledge sharing and exchange between Denmark and Russia will be preserved, strengthened and renewed in different artistic fields.

Denmark’s cultural relations to Russia has until now been centered on the metropoles of Moscow and St Petersburg. With the Russia effort, the perspective will widen to some of the new epicenters for culture, Perm, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

The effort includes film, performing arts, music, media, art, architecture, literature, and museum collaborations in which the main themes are Children and Youth, The Modern and The Arctic.  

Children and Youth

Based on mutual interests in Children and Youth, the strong collaboration between Russia and Denmark have existed for several years. The current effort supports this foundation by supporting new projects and collaborations between the artists and cultural institution of both Denmark and Russia. This includes Danish ensembles in children’s music and theatre, who are coming to the Russian cities to perform. Danish design and architecture experts will facilitate workshops for local children, teaching design and critical thinking at museums and cultural institutions.

The modern

Russia and Denmark have a strong tradition of working together in a wide range in classical art, including ballet and literature. There is great potential of developing the international cultural dialogue to new artistic forms as architecture, modern art and museums.

The theme the modern highlights the strengthening of the Danish and Russian Collaborations in new ways like music, architecture, design, and crafts. The geographic focus changes to the innovative cultural institutions of Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, where Danish artist will exhibit in the museums in 2019 and 2020. In addition, the Festival “Danish Days” in the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg exhibited Danish media, culture and democratic involvement.

The Artic

Currently, the artic area is in the spotlight of political attention, despite lack of distribution of knowledge of their unique culture, art and language. This effort therefore focusses on expanding this cultural and historical knowledge, especially for children and youth.

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