Great Britain effort 2018-2020

Denmark and “Danishness” is enjoying a lot of attention in Great Britain and the Agency for Culture and Palaces wants to use this to spread Danish culture in Great Britain.

Denmark’s sizeable artistic talent can be strengthened and developed through renewed cooperation with partners in Great Britain. This will give Danish artists and Cultural organizations exposition, and can potentially benefit artists financially.

Bilateral cultural cooperation

There is great interest in a strong bilateral cooperation with Arts Council England, as well as Manchester City and Arts Council Manchester. This cooperation can be built up and developed through new artistic joint ventures and a more focused effort in both countries on exchange and equal partnerships, anchored firmly in the arts.

New cultural hotspots

The past few years has seen a quick development on the cultural scene in areas outside London, in cities like Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The new cultural centers of growth outside London can be good cities for Danish artists to break through. At the same time there is, from the Danish professional art scene, a great interest in pursuing partnership possibilities outside of London, and that is why there is ample opportunity in the coming years for developing Danish art’s many talents in northern Britain, especially in the Manchester area.

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Events and Projects

The projects for the Great Britain-effort encompass many areas, building on the close cooperation from Denmark. The aim is to spread Danish arts and culture in northern Britain with a special focus on the city of Manchester. The main partners are:

  • The International Culture Panel, including the Agency for Arts and Palaces and  The Danish Arts Foundation 

  • The City of Aarhus

  • The City of Aalborg

  • Arts Council England

  • Arts Council North

  • The City of Manchester

Concrete strategic projects for 2018-2020 will be published gradually. Anyone is welcome to write in to the Agency for Culture and Palaces regarding bilateral projects relevant for the effort.

Cultural Collaboration: Manchester, Aarhus and Aalborg 

Aarhus, Aalborg and Manchester have launched a cultural city collaboration aiming to strengthen the cultural collaboration. On the February 25th, The Danish Minister for Culture have launched the collaboration in Aalborg alongside the culture directors of the cities and the director for the Art Council England. 

The International Culture Panel have decided the support the effort with 1,5 million kroner, the majority as project grants (By October 1st 2019 and April 1st 2020). Several cultural institutions in the three cities are developing corporate projects with three main themes:

  • Culture and Health

  • Children and Youth

  • Urban Development and Design

The projects include collaboration in many areas; libraries, dance and theatres, museums, film, literature festival, children arts centers, etc. Furthermore, the collaboration have resulted in the conference Livable Cities, which is to be held in November 2019 in Manchester. The main focus will be on the Cities of Aalborg and Aarhus. The Danish Embassy in London organizes the conference.  

Performing Arts

The Danish Arts Foundation is organizing a effort at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020-2022. Furthermore, the Danish Arts Foundation is collaborating with Manchester International Festival, establishing a fellowship for Danish curators and producers, who will go and work closely together with their British colleagues through 6-8 weeks in 2020.


The Danish Arts Foundation has two initiatives in Northern England organized by JazzDanmark and SNYK/Dacapo/Edition S. The initiatives are aiming to propagate Danish music and enlarge collaborations with the Manchester Jazz Festival.

Arts and Crafts

The collaboration between The Danish Arts Foundation and Victoria and Albert Museum for Design has established a Danish designer residency, who shall participate in the new educational department:  “Play”. A similar collaboration with the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester is also in the works. The Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Embassy in London are also collaborating, establishing an “Art in Embassy project” with a residency in Arts, Crafts and Furniture Design.


The Danish Arts Foundation are currently propagating Danish literature through book translation to English. They have supported the network for Danish an English translators and by the transmission of Danish authorships in Great Britain.

Opdateret 03. January 2020


The Unit for Architecture, Design and Crafts and International Affairs coordinates the international activitites of the Agency for Culture and Palaces. General enquiries and questions can be directed to