France effort 2018-2020

France is without a doubt still a leading cultural superpower in Europe. French art museums and cultural institutions are among the best in the world.

The International Culture Panel (ICP) is launching a focused effort in France, in order for the good relations between our two countries to be cemented and expanded. Creating new opportunities for exchange, cooperation and mutual inspiration between the two countries, benefitting the Danish cultural scene.

France is a cultural beacon

Throughout the centuries the cultural ties between France and Denmark have been strong. French influence on European art history is overwhelming. One needs only to think of painters like Paul Cézanne, Edouard Manet or Claude Monet. Authors such as Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust and Albert Camus. All giants within the arts, who have defined what we today think of as our common European cultural heritage.

Push for Danish art

Although Denmark, in regards to size and population, is far smaller than France, the Danish have added significantly to European art history. In particular Denmark has produced painters and sculptors of the highest order.

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Film agreement

With the launch of the effort the French and Danish ministers of culture will sign a production deal between Denmark and France which will make it easier for moviemakers to work together.
There is also a partnership running between D'Annecey TV-festival and VIA, Viborg Animation festival.

Historic Danish art exhibited at leading French museums

There are plans for an exhibition series of great historic Danish painters at leading museums in Paris. The Danish partners are among others, the National Gallery of Denmark and the Hirschsprung collection. The Danish embassy in Paris has a correspondence going with French partners.

Effort for Danish ceramics

A Danish-French effort will be launched surrounding both older and newer Danish and French ceramics. During the winter 2018/2019 a big exhibition, “Danish Ceramics of 100 years” will be presented at Maison du Danemark.

The Danish embassy is also in dialogue with Sevres – Cité de la Céramique, who have historical bonds to Denmark and have a larger Danish ceramics collection, about an exhibition project.

Danish literature

Denmark will have a strong presence in spring 2019, as one of the “honor countries” at Quais du Polar in Lyon, one of Europe’s biggest festivals for crime, thriller and mystery novels and TV-series.

Exhibition of Danish Art Photography

A number of Photography exhibitions have been planned, and there is ongoing dialogue with a number of French institutions (among others the Arles Festival), as well as a number of Danish institutions (among others, the National Museum of Photography, Fotografisk Center and KADK).

Contemporary art

Copenhagen Creative, an exhibition platform and networking community in Copenhagen around contemporary art and relevant French artist groups and venues will cooperate on an exhibition at the Maison du Danemark.

There will also be a push to develop mutual visiting programs and establishing networks. The Danish embassy is in dialogue with Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain, St. Etienne; the biggest contemporary art museum in France outside of Paris.

Les Boréales – Festival Nordique: Denmark as honorary country in 2020

The Festival Les Boréales has chosen Denmark as honorary country in 2020. The festival, which is Frances biggest and oldest festival for Nordic culture, will be a good foundation for an ambitious and holistic presentation of the contemporary Danish arts and cultural scene.


A tour with leading Danish jazz musicians is in the works. Anders Koppel, Benjamin Koppel, Cæcilie Nordby, Marilyn Mazurs with others, and their original reinterpretations of the French composer Erik Satie’s works. Meanwhile Jazzdanmark is working on increasing the interest for Danish Jazz on the French jazzscene.

Push for Danish Architecture

There is great interest for the Scandinavian model and its expression in architecture. The Danish Architecture Center is experiencing great interest in the French market. For instance, the Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group has won the project for the upcoming cultural center in Bordeaux, MÉCA. Maison du Danemark has established a series of talks about current themes, hospitals, prisons, childcare institutions, cityplanning among others, all based on an actual Danish project.


The Danish designer Cecilie Manz was “Designer of the Year” at the 2018 Maison & Objets, the biggest design expo in the world. The Danish embassy in Paris is looking to use this to create buzz about Danish design.

New permanent exhibition at the Utah Beach D-Day museum

In connection to the 75 year anniversary in 2019 for Europe’s liberation in 1944 a new permanent exhibition will be opened at the Utah Beach D-Day museum, about the Danish wartime sailors and their contributions to the liberation of Europe.

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