Commercial radio

Commercial radio in Denmark

Commercial Radio and the setbacks of the commercial market

The Danish radio market was a monopoly until 1983, with DR as the sole player on the market. In 1983 local radio was introduced.

The monopoly continued at the national level till 2003, where the first national private commercial channels began broadcasting. The commercial market has suffered several setbacks as will be indicated in this section.

The two national licences - FM5 and FM6 - were auctioned off for the first time in 2003 for an eight year period under the condition that the two licenses could not be awarded to the same company.

Sky Radio won the first auction of FM5 for 54 million Danish Kroner annually, and Talpa won FM6 for 22.5 million Danish Kroner annually.

Particularly the FM5-license, but also the FM6-license has since the auction in 2003 had a somewhat unsettled existence.

Read more about FM5 - currently operating under the name NOVA FM here

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The commercial players on the Danish radio market

The current field of commercial players in the Danish radio market is SBS and New Radio Aps as well as the Berlingske Media (newspaper publisher) in cooperation with SBS.

Additionally there are also regional and local commercial players.

SBS Radio

SBS Radio is the largest commercial operator on the Danish radio market, but the company has been faced with financial difficulties due to the drop of the market for radio advertising since 2007 due to the financial crisis.

SBS radio had a 6,8 % market share in 2010 with Nova FM (FM5) and The Voice (The Voice is a broadcast on a set of local frequencies around Denmark. The Concession to the frequencies is set to end in 2015).

SBS owns 80% of the Nova FM, while TV2/DANMARKA/S owns 20%.

The Voice is 100% owned by SBS.

Furthermore, in association with SBS, Berlingske Media runs FM6, POP FM, where SBS owns 40 % and Berlingske Media 60 %.

New Radio (part of the "Other"-category)

New Radio is the second largest commercial radio player on the Danish market.

The station broadcast Radio 100FM on a set of local radio frequencies around Denmark and on cable and Radio Soft on a set of local frequencies mainly around the Copenhagen area and on cable.

New Radio had a market share of 3,9 % in 2010 and the concession to the frequencies is set to end in 2015.

New radio is a relatively new company starting operations in 2009, but with a longer history.

Talpa originally broadcasted Radio 100FM, but filed for bankruptcy in October 2009. Part of the company was continued under new owners. They did, however, loose the national FM6 licence and access to DAB.

New Radio Aps is owned by "Radioselskabet af 1/7 2007 ApS", which again is owned by a third by each of the following three companies: Interaktiv Media Holding ApS, New Radio Holding ApS and Marc Media Holding B.V..

Local radio (part of the "Other"-category)

Besides SBS and New Radio there is a range of local commercial radio stations with some impact in the local and regional areas.

At the beginning of 2010 there were 140 commercial local radios in Denmark.

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