Danish products are always distinguished by their synchronicity with the human body. The grasp of a hand, the stretch of an arm, or an understanding of movement might in turn affect the form and scale of products that, while beautiful, are always intended for human use.

Johannes Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen / Nord Architects

Utzon was a masterful exponent of how a humanist approach can manifest in design and architecture that relates to the body and its senses. He managed to create an imaginative narrative that connects some of nature's basic elements such as light, sound and space with basic human needs. He connected location, function, working methods, building culture, materiality, and a way of life into a simple but eventful story.

The installation HUMAN displays a Nordic showcase that refers to Utzon's method and sensibility. The installation seeks to achieve a dialogue between the exhibited objects through light, sound and water. A vibration of light created of sound waves within the window niche pays homage to Utzon's approach. By arranging the exhibited objects as equivalents in the water/sound/light scape, the result is a juxtaposition between art, healthcare and design - objects which all have a functional and scaled relationship to the human body.

Last updated: 24.05.2017
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