New Grant portal for applicants

Starting on 1 October 2021, a new portal solution will be phased in for our applicants. The Grant portal requires that you log in using NemID (Denmark's common secure 'login' on the Internet).

As a foreign applicant, you must order a 'login' unless you have the right to have a Danish NemID. To start with, you may only submit applications to a few selected funds using the portal.

Login requirement

When you are to apply for a grant in the future, you need a 'login' in order to access the application forms. As a foreign applicant, you need to order a 'login' unless you have the right to have a Danish NemID or employee signature. 

You order a 'login' to the Grant portal using a digital order form.

Go to Order a 'login' for the Grant portal

Direct communication with us

The Grant portal will provide you with an overview of your applications and subsidies that you have created in the portal. In the future, you will be able to create your applications through the Grant portal, and the application process will be more flexible, for example, because you have the possibility to correct your applications right up to the application deadline. You will also be able to use the Grant portal to receive answers about applications and write questions to us, as well as report on subsidies granted through the Grant portal.

Please be ready in plenty of time before the application deadline

When you are to use the new Grant portal, please note that the processing time for allocating a 'login' is 1-5 working days. If you have a relationship with Denmark that gives you the right to a Danish NemID or an employee signature/electronic ID, you may not order a 'login' from us. Instead, you must use your NemID or, for example, order a Danish employee signature if you apply on behalf of a business. In this case, the processing may take from a few days up to several weeks. Therefore, we encourage you to be ready in plenty of time before the application deadline so that you ensure that you have access to apply to the relevant funds.

Read more about the Danish NemID, employee signature, etc. 

The individual funds will provide information about whether access is required by using the Grant portal, and thus require logging in.


Opdateret 10. November 2021